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PowerClear 621R. The #1 single-stage blower in the United States. Available with or without electric starter.


TORO Single Stage Snow Blower

Model 38451/38452

  • Toro 163cc, 4-stroke, valve-in-head engine

  • Clearing width of 21 inches, and 12.5 inches high

  • Capacity of 1,800 lbs of snow per minute

  • Snow throwing up to 35 feet

  • Curved steel ejector with friction deflector

  • Crank 210º ejector control

  • 7'' x 1.5'' wheels

  • Power Propel self-propulsion system

  • Straight handle, swivel pads

  • Weight: 82 lbs

  • Launcher start

Regular price: $619

Sale: $529

  • With electric starter:

Regular price: $699

Sale: $599



Assembly and preparation with gas and oil included, transport extra if necessary.


Assembly and preparation with gas and oil included, delivery extra if necessary.



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