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Driven by innovationIt's one thing to talk about innovation. It's another to design it. And at Cub Cadet, we've been delivering it for decades by designing ride-on mowers, utility vehicles, commercial tractors, or commercial mowers and compact tractors that work harder and perform better than others. products in industry. At Cub Cadet, we are committed to moving forward when it comes to power equipment. The surrounding world is constantly moving forward. Does the equipment we are used to taking care of also need to evolve?


  • Toro Electric and Single-Stage Snowblowers  are backed by a full 2-year warranty.

  • The 2-stage snowblowers are guaranteed for 3 years, and the ejector, the ACS and the deflector (plastic parts) are guaranteed for life!


Types of models available in store:

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Difference between single-stage and two-stage snowblowers:

A PHASE: A high-speed rotor  spins rubber blades to gather and eject snow in one efficient motion. Toro Power technologyCurve allows the blades to contact the ground to help propel the machine while clearing down to the pavement. These models are compact, agile and easy to handle.

TWO PHASES: First phase: the high resistance serrated augers collect the snow inside the machine. Second phase:  a high-speed turbine expels snow through the ejector. The Toro Power Max auger system regulates snow entry to reduce clogs while maximizing impeller speed for powerful performance. These models are ideal for deep and compacted snow.

Please note that prices may differ between website and store. Regardless of the case, the applicable price is always the price displayed in store. It may vary up or down, so do not hesitate to contact us for the current price!

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